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Ending The Year on a High Note: Five Tips To Focus On

As the end of the year takes shape, I wanted to take a moment to remind us all that it’s important to end your year on a high note.  The most patient teachers have shortened fuses, and even the most well-behaved students are prone to erratic behavior as summer approaches.  For some, it’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t let this deter you from ending your school year happily! Here are 5 tips to end your year on a high note.

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Connecting Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are related processes.  Practice in one area deepens understanding in the other and vice versa.  Writing is a great tool for clarifying thinking about reading, and reading strengthens writing ability.  Obviously students benefit from reading about writing and writing about reading. Here are a few ideas to get reading and writing connected in your classroom.  

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Scripted Read Alouds Aren’t Just For Elementary Students–But They’re Good For Them Too!

As a teacher of all things literacy, I’m a big fan of the scripted read aloud.  Call it what you will: read aloud, directed reading thinking activity (DR-TA), or directed reading activity (DRA), the purpose is the same.  The teacher reads aloud to the student and regularly checks for comprehension, asks high level questions, and encourages students to think deeply about the text.  

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