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Don’t Ditch That Book Just Yet: Anthologies and Basals

Anthologies and basals are arguably among the most hotly debated of textbooks–and for good reason.  The basals of our childhood were too simplistic in their approach, biased, not diverse, and made teaching formulaic and boring.  Today’s anthologies and basals, lumped together for the purposes of this article (although they have different features), are nothing like what you remember from your childhood.  

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The Reading-Writing Relationship

When I began teaching English, I toyed with the idea of having separate days for reading and writing instruction.  I look back on that time and laugh at myself–how could I even conceive of separating the two?! Now that I’m wiser and more knowledgeable of the ways of teaching and learning, I want to share with you what I didn’t know then, about the connections between reading and writing.  

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