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Test Taking Strategies

It’s nearly time for those big tests!  Yesterday I posted about Fun Test Prep That Doesn’t Teach to the Test (see it here if you missed it!).  Once students have brushed up on their content, it’s time to give them the tools they need to bump up their testing game.  I’m talking about test taking strategies! These are easy things your students can do from today to the morning of the test.  

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Fun Test Prep That Doesn’t Teach to The Test

It’s that time of year again!  Testing is right around the corner.  Don’t run and hide! Let’s tackle this thing together.  This year, give your students opportunities to kick that test’s butt!  I’ve compiled a list of fun test prep that doesn’t teach to the test. These activities are meant to supplement the teaching you’ve already done all year, and give students a fun way to refresh their memories and prepare for their rigorous state testing.  

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