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A Case For Wide Reading

As the push for content area reading increases, and becomes more complex with the growth of technology and new literacies, I hear a lot of buzz around “wide reading.”  Wide reading is a push for students to have regular reading time integrated into daily classroom practice, in all content areas. The idea that students need to read isn’t a new one.  What is new, however, is how students should go about this reading and why.

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Ending The Year on a High Note: Five Tips To Focus On

As the end of the year takes shape, I wanted to take a moment to remind us all that it’s important to end your year on a high note.  The most patient teachers have shortened fuses, and even the most well-behaved students are prone to erratic behavior as summer approaches.  For some, it’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t let this deter you from ending your school year happily! Here are 5 tips to end your year on a high note.

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Four Factors that Play Into Literacy Comprehension

When a reader selects a text, it’s not immediately apparent whether he or she will be able to comprehend it.  Teachers typically use a text’s Lexile or reading level, but there’s more to reading comprehension than that. Beyond text complexity, here are four factors that play important roles in literacy comprehension.

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My Number One Tip for Ending the School Year Right: Reflect For Next Year

This time of year can be a tough one for teachers, students, and parents alike.  From testing to unexpected behavioral challenges, it’s often a high stress period.  And by May, teachers are usually counting down the days to summer vacation. However, before you run out the door and hit up those summer plans, make sure you set yourself up for success for next year.  My number one tip for ending the school year and preparing for the next is to reflect on your year.

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